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Embark on a thrilling adventure with Air Play Parachutisme and feel the rush of freefall in the safest hands.

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Skydiving Experiences

Tandem Jumps

Experience the thrill of freefall with a Tandem Jump. Dive from the skies at 120 mph while securely harnessed to our seasoned instructors.

AFF-Course Skydiving

AFF Courses

Accelerated Free Fall courses for those looking to master the art of skydiving. Learn to fly solo with comprehensive training and expert mentoring.

Advanced Training

Advance your skydiving skills with our advanced training programs. Perfect your techniques, learn advanced maneuvers, and enhance your aerial expertise.

Our Story Begins Here

Air Play Parachutisme specializes in providing unforgettable tandem jumps and AFF courses with expert instructors ensuring a safe and thrilling adventure.

Founded with a vision to make skydiving accessible and exhilarating for everyone.

Skydiving – Tandem Jump – ULTIMATE

Tandem Jumps

Experience the thrill of skydiving under the guidance of expert instructors.

Skydiving – AFF courses – EXTREME

AFF Courses

Advance your skydiving skills with our Accelerated Freefall courses.

Best Instrutors

Expert Instructors

Our professional team ensures a safe and unforgettable skydiving experience for all.

Why Choose Us?

Safety First

We prioritize safety without compromising on the excitement of your skydiving adventure.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance to enhance your skydiving skills.

Unforgettable Experiences

We specialize in creating memorable moments for every jumper, ensuring an exhilarating experience.

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Book your skydiving experience now and unleash your adventurous spirit with Air Play Parachutisme. Let’s make memories together in the sky!

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